One-Handed Caaaaatch A game where you jump inside the Shooting Stars meme and go very, very long for a one-handed catch.
Oscar Mayer
Sizzl, the dating app for bacon lovers. People get together for all kinds of reasons, why not bacon?
Inside the Nest Hello doorbell A dysfunctional holiday band is on standby inside your Google Nest Hello doorbell.  
Ad Council
AdoptUSKids The biggest barrier for prospective parents is thinking they need to be perfect.
DayQuil & NyQuil
Sick Days There are no sick days when you're a parent.
Watson + Alex Da kid Can IBM’s Jeopardy winning supercomputer Watson co-produce a hit song with Grammy-winning music producer Alex Da kid? Yup.
The Chase is On An episodic reenactment of NASCAR's 10-week playoffs as an action-movie foot chase. Without cars. In real-time.
Whisper Bidet
Personal Project / Founder A tiny shower for your butt.
Crucial Courtesies
Personal Project If you ride the NYC Subway, you've probably seen their "Courtesy Counts" campaign urging subway etiquette. Unfortunately, they forgot a few of the most Crucial (and all too real) Courtesies. So I went ahead and made the ads myself.
Go Pizza Rat Go
Personal Project Millions were inspired by Pizza Rat's hustle. So why not waste a weekend with two friend and immortalize this hard working rat with its very own 8-bit side scrolling video game. Complete with stupid, but catchy rap rat track.
Highlights App Gatorade made a sports video editing app for teens. We made three videos to tell them.
Sleep Like For launch year two ZzzQuil needed a simple way to communicate just how good sleep can be.
Marcus by Goldman Sachs
Don't Get F'd Most banks take a big ol' fee right out of the money they just loaned you. A loan from Marcus by Goldman Sachs takes no such fee.
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